STRAIGHT FORWARD MEDIA is a full service marketing agency focusing on media buying and strategy. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most transparent and personalized attention to provide an advertising campaign that fits your budget


We are completely transparent to our clients by sharing media proof of performance affidavits with our clients. This allows the clients to be fully aware of what they are running and how much they are paying which is how we provide them with the most "Straight Forward Media"

If you are paying your media agency direct and are not reviewing monthly affidavits, chances are you are not getting what you are paying for.

We have over 15 years of working with clients covering such categories as; pharmaceuticals, financial, packaged goods, travel, footwear, retail, beauty and luxury goods.

With all of this experience comes a great overall knowledge of both strategy and execution of that strategy through both traditional mediums as well as digital such as behavioral targeted advertising and social media. Let Straight Forward Media review your current media plan and provide you with a no obligation cost analysis.

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Founder and CEO DAVID WEINSTEIN had a vision. When he was asked to describe his ideal job in his first interview, he knew all along that he was going to work in advertising and marketing. He built his career on the foundation of print media and marketing working at The NY Post Newspaper in 1999. 

David continued to advance into large agencies including Ogilvy & Mather, Mindshare, MediaCom, AllScope Media, HN Media & Marketing, Zenith Media, and even has experience In-house at Cablevision & WeatherBug.


David is a loving husband and devoted father to his two kids Justin and Emily. He enjoys working out and attending the Tough Mudder & Spartan Challenges every year.


 “My view of Marketing and Advertising is similar to my passion for Tough Mudder's.  I start with a clear objective, develop strategies and then finish the objective.  Then with out hesitation, I move on to the next objective and strive to overcome any obstacles.  Marketing is much more than making money and ROI.  It means looking at everything from a bird’s eye view and seeing how some actions affect others."



TARYN ABRAHAMS - DIRECTOR OF SALES- Taryn Abrahams is the Director of Sales for Straight Forward Media, LLC and is responsible for business development and company growth. Taryn is a graduate of Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA, where she received her Master’s in Psychotherapy.

After a decade of practicing psychotherapy, Taryn took her skill set and intellectual property to the business world. Taryn presently has over 24 cumulative years of experience dealing with a unique sales/clinical approach to unmask the needs of businesses and clients. Over her 24 years, she has developed her skills to be able to approach each business endeavor with empathy and compassion, and which is only one of the few characteristics that makes Taryn unique. Taryn’s consulting strategy is customer centric and is always focused on what is right for the client. Her skills allow her to help companies clearly identify their pain points so that they can begin to focus their energies on solutions and outcomes. Taryn’s core values are integrity, innovation and growth and is passionate and committed to helping companies strive to be the best they can be.


PAMELA FISHER- ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGIST- With 6 years experience in media and an impeccable track record for selling advertising with a 15% - 30% return rate, it's no surprise that Pam has been an asset to our team.

Pam worked her way up in Zenith Media starting as an assistant buyer. She then moved onto selling print advertising space and during the internet boom took charge of online display advertising for the popular New York City company, The Village Voice. She gained insight to the online media world and back end reporting systems that were able to specifically target audiences which eventually lead to sales.

She started her own tour business (New 2 NY Tours) and she has a keen understanding of Facebook Advertising and very enthusiastic in creating content for Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. She is very familiar designing unique social advertising campaigns for our clients that attract attention and stand out from the rest of the crowd.



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