Clients & Testimonials

Star of David Memorial Chapels


"In 2014, David approached us to help boost our presence and focus on a different part of the business pre planning funerals. Being a small local business, it has been hard to break into the media marketplace. We only had a budget consisting of 60 second TV spots and Google Ad words. Straight Forward Media was able to utilize that same budget to cover the cost of TV, Radio, Google, Facebook advertising which as a result, optimized our media buy to the full potential."

-Kevin Gray Licensed Funeral Director/ President


I have worked with Straight Forward Media on many projects, and by far, they have exceeded expectations.  They are results oriented and know how to target the demographic. In this business, it’s important to be productive, efficient, and effective. This is exactly what Straight Forward Media is! Also, they have extensive knowledge in the media field, which makes our partnership an easy one as we can always count on them to lead us in the right direction of success! 

- Cammie Manganello, Marketing Manager


"We brought on David as our Marketing Director and couldn't be happier with our decision. He sat with us on a one on one basis and clearly explained how we need to promote our business in order to bring in new customers. There are many marketing companies out there, but David has proven that transparency works best and we highly recommend Straight Forward Media for anyone looking to expand their business."

 - Troy Rosasco and Daniel Hansen, Attorney's At Law


"David and his team at Straight Forward Media were working with my partners Dan Hansen and Troy Rosasco at Turley Hansen & Rosasco for over a year when we met.  My firm handles Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability Benefits.  We were in the process of creating a new website and needed someone to oversee the project.  After a few weeks, David and his team presented us with some ideas about how we can utilize digital and traditional media to drive more traffic to our website.  Since we started radio, our website traffic has increased 178%.  I personally appreciate the attention to detail that David has in treating our firm as if it was his own.  I recommend David and Straight Forward Media to any business looking to have their marketing and business development managed."

-William Turley, Attorney at Law

"The majority of our companies advertising is done through digital ads and Google Adwords campaigns with some television schedules throughout the year.  We tried radio in the past but with very little success.  I met with David to explain our negative returns on radio and he was insistent that radio would be successful if bought correctly.  After revamping the entire schedule by switching to all news stations as well as cutting the previous radio cpm almost in half, David and his team at Straight Forward Media delivered on their promise to prove that radio does work.  After a successful test, the same campaign was scaled out at 3x the budget level which raised the results even further.  Now we are looking to run a national radio campaign with a significant budget level.  Straight Forward Media has proven that radio needs to be part of our yearly budget plans moving forward."

- Jason Zeller, Director, Digital Marketing


"Being a non for profit, it is hard to find good companies to work with us due to our limited financial resources .  David came in to meet with me in regards to doing some digital advertising for our early childhood program.  He immediately began providing me and my team with consulting on how we can increase membership as well as tweak many of the advertising we were handling in house such as social media.  Straight Forward Media is now in charge of handling much of our digital advertising as well as overseeing all of our company advertising efforts.  They provide these consulting services at no charge to our organization as a way to give back to the community here in Plainview.  I cannot thank David and Straight Forward Media enough for their help."

-Wendy Klonsky, Communications Director


"I was introduced to David through a good friend of mine.  I asked him to have his team review my firms SEO which was being handled by another company.  After a few emails with that company, I was made aware that for almost two years, no SEO was being done at all.  In fact, I had no idea what I was paying for on a monthly basis.  Straight Forward Media immediately helped me with my SEO needs as well as set my firm up on social media.   In addition, my firm is now on the radio as well as on outdoor subway billboards in Queens.  I appreciate the direct and transparent approach that Straight Forward Media has.  I see all of the media bills from the media companies which match to my media plan.  In the past, I would pay an agency and have no idea what I actually was getting".

- Marc Albert, Attorney at Law


"I have been in the home healthcare industry for many years and have been very successful.  I decided to go out on my own and realized very quickly that every marketing company I met with wanted a retainer up front as well as a media commission before getting started.  David came to my office and spent a few hours with me and my team for no charge.   This interaction allowed me to see that I needed to make some in-house changes before investing money in marketing.  Straight Forward media is handling my social media as well as my television advertising.  Since that first meeting, David has continued to help me work with my staff to get them better trained.  I like how he puts my business first and even turns down additional marketing budgets until my staff is adequately trained.   I consider Straight Forward Media a partner and appreciate David's patience that he has with me."

- John Campbell, Founder/CEO


"There are so many tours screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-4-16-10-pmin New York City, but my tours offer a different local resident perspective. I had no idea how to promote tours to my audience and stand out from the rest of the crowd. David and his team at Straight Forward Media set up a Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for my business and knew exactly how to reach my customers. With all the time and effort David put towards my business, he was able to increase my exposure 2 fold and the tours staring rolling in.

-Pamela Fisher, CEO New 2 NY Tours